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Infinity Reborn Babies

Hi I'm Karen of infinity reborn babies I am 48 years old. I first discovered reborns when I watched a program my fake baby I instantly fell in love but it was a few years later that I actually became a collector.  I joined a couple of facebook groups an discovered there was doll shows so I attended my first doll show at Brentwood in 2016 I was amazed by all the art work that went into making these dolls look so lifelike.after attending a few more shows I started looking into how they are made.so I started to learn watching many tutorials online and i took the plunge and bought all I needed to make my first doll. I find the painting side very therapeutic and enjoy creating a piece of art although it's just a hobby for me I wanted to do a show for quite a while but nerves get the better of me my daughter Andrea has joined with me in creating dolls to so we thought of a name for our nursery that meant something special so we came up with infinity reborn babies.please take a look at my babies than you Karen x

Hi my name is Andrea I’m 26 years old I was born in London but I’ve been living between London and Cyprus all my life..I first discovered reborn dolls 10 years ago I went to a doll show a few years ago and my mum Karen bought me my first reborn who I treasure to this day..I then really enjoyed flying from Cyprus to London to go to the shows with my mum it was a hobby we could do together. I then decide last year when we went to Valencia for a doll show that I would give reborning a go for myself I love creating these amazing lifelike dolls and being able to make someone happy with my art work..please take a look at my babies and I hope you enjoy them Thank you Andrea x